I'm a musician, songwriter, producer and qualified sound engineer (SAE Melbourne) originally from JoBreezy (JHB)

now based in Cape Town. 

What do I do?

Paint on silence.


"Touch" will be out on streaming stores everywhere 03/2022 - it is the most honest I've felt in my music thus far. My good friend Jordan Downs produced the beat for this song. It marks a milestone for me as a writer, singer, producer (vocals) and engineer (recording, editing, mixing). I've evolved in so may ways during the last 5 years. I'm more confident in my mixing, the way I lay down lyrics has changed and i've learnt to rely on other producers. I've found a way to produce records by understanding the vision, hearing the finished product in my mind and then beginning by executing each step towards that. I can use my set of tools - ones which I have slowly been mastering - to bring the vision for a song to life.


I love music more than food. I write a lot, at the same time, I've delved deeper into the technical side of sound to understand how to pull it all apart and put it back together. I never thought I'd fall in love with the production process as hard as I have and to be Frank, it's definitely my favourite part. Another deep motivation has been to help other artists with their production, mixes and releases. It's been really amazing to work with more and more women who share the same passion - feminine energy hits different in the studio and if I can contribute to that space then I will. I currently freelance as a Sound Engineer - ranging from music to post-production for the moving picture industry.