In my music I write about my experiences with love, life and everything in between. I draw a lot of inspiration from Soul, R&B and Jazz, with a dash of Electronic. I love learning about other styles of music and other artist's creative processes - mine involves a lot of travel, experience, emotion, wine, soul-searching, and observation of the world around me. A lot of people have asked where it starts - like pen on paper then chords or do you make a beat first - and it really has no formula for me which I love. I never know what's gonna come up from where and to be frank, I am merely a vessel for ideas t manifest through and I couldn't be more grateful for that purpose.

A musician, songwriter, producer and qualified sound engineer

based in cape town. 

What do I do?

Paint on silence.


Working on a second album.


I Love music more than food. I write a lot, at the same time, I've delved deeper into the technical side of sound and audio to understand how to pull it all apart and put it back together. it's been really amazing to help other artists in different ways too. I currently freelance as a sound designer for the moving picture industry. these are things like foley, dialogue editing, SFX and eventually, i'd love to mix for film. 


I love both creative and technical aspects of sound so producing, engineering and mixing are a passion of mine. I really hope to inspire more women to step into the studio and take control. it's a beautiful thing and should be more frequent.