In my music I write about my experiences with love, life and everything in between. I draw a lot of inspiration from Reggae and Jazz, with a dash of Electronic. I've been writing songs since I was little, I remember being 11 and writing something that resembled what felt like my first piece of musical expression - it was about the open road and being free, I still know the chords and lyrics to this day.  I love learning about other styles of music and other artist's creative processes - mine involves a lot of travel, experience, emotion, wine, soul-searching, and observation of the world around me.

A musician, songwriter, producer and

sound Engineer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

What do I do?

Paint on silence.


Making noise in Melbourne.


I Love music more than food. I write a lot, at the same time, I'm studying audio to be able to help other artists in different ways. I love both creative and technical aspects of sound so producing, engineering and mixing are a passion of mine. I have also recently found a passion for sound design and sound mixing for films and animation. Post-production work is a beautiful journey that i'm grateful to have explored.






I come from Johannesburg, a very vibey city to say the least. I was raised on a lot of expressive culture and edge, surrounded by that which never failed to surprise. The Art scene in South Africa is flourishing, I'm always excited when I think about being a part of it in any way, even if it's mostly representing overseas. I have been able to learn and open my eyes to other worlds of music, which has only influenced and inspired me more. A lot of what I'm making now has been crafted over years of self-discovery and adventure. Elaborate? Things I learn about myself/about being human, the world we live in and moments I experience as a travelling musician. These all play a massive part in my songwriting and what I sing about.


I am currently working on new music, I don't believe in fitting into a specific genre but the closest I've come is probably in the 'soul' area - nice and detailed for you. I've gravitated towards simple production and lots of room for tasty, soulful vocals and lyrics. My music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and most streaming platforms. 

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