Easy As Vanilla Ice-cream

It’s like //

I’m not even trying to be anyone

else but myself with you //

And it’s like //

We were flying and all of a sudden

there’s no one else I would choose


No one else, I would choose ///

Over and over again //

You got me and my head spinning //

Towards the light you’re emitting

Now I’m smitten //

Oh god, how did this happen? //

It’s fitting ///

*I mean, it’s a story. Um... A

story about love*

I’m not //

Even worried //

About anythig else ‘cause of you


I’m not gonna sugar coat it I’ve

never been //

More in tune //

With anyone //

Until you //

Knew exactly what to do //

And now my mind feels easy as //

Vanilla ice-cream //

On a hot summer’s day //

Easy as //

Vanilla ice-cream //

When I asked you what was your

favourite //

Favourite flavour ///



You said //

*well, I think people make it

really complicated and it doesn't

need to be because vanilla ice-cream

is really underrated and

well, I think it’s the best one.

And I had to agree.*


Oh you take my breathe away //

Every day //

Oh showing me what it’s like to

live //

You hold my hand through some of

my darkest times //

I don’t know //

If you ever know ///

I hope it goes //

On and on and on and on and on //

On and on //

And on and on //

The flavour of love //

Swirling around in my mouth //

In my mind //

In my heart ///

On a train //

To the middle of who knows and you

got a smile on your face //

It was at this point //

I would let my steps be retraced


It was at this point I would let

my steps be retraced //

Back //

To you and I //