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Creating A Narrative Through Sound Design Only

I have an idea. I'd like to create a story using sound only and minimal to no dialogue. This can be done through foley, sound effects and music. I have chosen a 'voyage and return' plot to create my narrative towards.

I'd like to challenge myself to step into the world of Nibbles, the fluffiest and friendliest dog you ever did see - or hear?. We start with the sounds of John, his beloved owner, waking up for work and starting his day as usual. Except on this day, what John doesn't know, is that Nibbles will take an adventure into the wild world reeking havoc along the way, only to return home before John gets back from work, with no trace that his fluffy friend ever left. It will be as if someone has placed a microphone on Nibbles' collar and we get to be a fly on the...fur?

Sound design is what carries a film. It's what ties everything together like a pretty pink bow on a gift from you're grandma at christmas. Without it, very little would make sense. This is proven by the fact that just by using sound we can tell what's happening in a story. "In order to be a sound designer you have to start thinking about sound as raw material. You have to forget about the way things really sound, or at least be able to forget about it for a while, and think about how the sound makes you feel." (Metcalfe, 2016) This means attention to detail, like the way a dog breathes or how it's paws sound on different surfaces. It means possibly over exaggerating the way it may usually sound in order to get a clear picture. We can't get Nibbles into the studio and ask him to be my foley artist so, we have to think outside the box and use whatever materials fit closest to what it should sound like.

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