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The Pioneer of Future Bass

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

image : (Dancing Astronaut, 2019)
image : (Dancing Astronaut, 2019)

Future Bass is an umbrella term for electronic music, putting emphasis on synthesiser bass sounds. The artist that I’m looking closely at is Flume, he is one of the artists who have really brought this genre to life. Future Bass became popular around 2010 but 2016 is when it really became the top of people’s playlists. The characteristics are : the use of vocal chops pitched unusually high or low, low-frequency oscillation - low-frequency oscillation is an electronic frequency which is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep -, the use of “twinkling” sounds during pre-chorus build up, arpeggio chords, sustained hi-hats, electronic drum sounds (usually quite hard kicks) and much more. There is also the use of the plugin called “Supersaw” which combines 7 simultaneous sawtooth waves detuned to each other.

" Flume is regarded as the pioneer of future bass who helped popularize the genre" (, 2019) He has a self-titled debut album that reached double platinum in Australia. He has won a Grammy for best Electronic/Dance album in 2017. He had four songs - including a remix - on Triple J's 'Hot 100' in 2012 (Holding On, Sleepless, Hyperparadise (remix) and On Top).

He is the reason I got involved in electronic music production. I fell in love with the 'masculine' and 'feminine' sounds he so effortlessly blends together.

He inspired me to learn Ableton. I wanted to harness the soft, bassy synths he uses. I couldn't believe that such technical music was taking me to such an emotional space - being from an instrument-playing background I was always wary of giving up the authenticity of the kind of music I was used to. His production, I also find, is very clean. He seems to be the kind of producer who knows what he wants from his mixes. His songs are so full of passion and technical colour, it seems as though he just whips them up for breakfast.

He also collaborates with artists, not only ones that are established but most of the time its artists who need some spotlight or those who are relatively humble - which I really love. He's not afraid to work with people purely for craft's sake and not for how much attention it will get from dropping in an established name.

The track that best describes this from Flume is called “ Sleepless”.

Find the video below:

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